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  • Handmade Dammit Janet Large 3.5" Magnet For Sale In AREA51GALLERY New Orleans
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Dammit Janet Large Magnet

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  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show custom handcrafted "dammit Janet"song lyric 3.5" round refrigerator magnet from the original 1975 camp horror classic film. 

  • I hand make all of my magnetics with a Made In The U.S.A. metal shell with UV protected Mylar cover - using glossy premium photo paper yielding the most vivid images. 

  • This cult classic has kept us all entertained for almost 50 years and has become a mandated classics pop culture film to see for anyone who loves horror. 

  • Display your handcrafted black and red song lyric 3.5" magnet anywhere from kitchen to work cspace even in your dorm or locker. Gift the horror fan in your life a big quality magnet for their birthday or special occasion.  

  • One gifting idea is to use in place of a bow on gifting another The Rocky Horror Picture Show fan.

  • Discover my entire The Rocket Horror Picture Show Science Fiction collection of posters, magnets & button pins here in AREA51GALLERY, New Orleans. 

  • Great party favor idea for your next horror movie themed get together or if you'd like to carry in your small business. Reach out in my AREA51GALLERY NEW ORLEANS WHOLESALE department for quality discounts, happy to help.

  • NOTE: Check out my home page header for my latest discount code.

  • Dr. Frank N Furter approved.