Growing up in the era of early 60's classic television in East Texas. I spent most of my youth and teen years in front of the television. Imagining riding along with the Robinson's aboard the Jupiter 2. Dreaming of lounging with Jeannie in her bottle. Singing on stage with the The Brady Kids and dancing on American Bandstand or Soul Train. Classic pop culture is in my DNA, you see.

Considering my first 45 rpm record I owned was Elton John's 1972 hit "Rocket Man". My mission & life's destiny was predestined even in my early years. Never to be left out of a movement I've worn my share of bell bottom jeans complete with feathered hair. I dogged eared the annual Sears Wish Book every holiday season and speculated if Mikey really will eat anything.


An electronic bomb was set off! MTV stopped playing our favorite videos, selfies have replaced Polaroids, and megabytes replaced album cover art.  

AREA51GALLERY is about offering my guests a classic pop culture art experience for a fair price. Much like what the retailers before myself set out to provide. My Father, as seen in my logo image taught me this and he was most successful with his small business he owned. I strive to give you the best services I expect where I shop. 

I'm your Rocket. A man committed to preserving our history in Art|Film|Fashion|Music|Television|Advertising & beyond.

Join the mission with me in AREA51GALLERY, New Orleans.