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  • Custom I Love Lucy colorized logo handcrafted 3.5" round hand mirror available in area51gallery
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I Love Lucy Logo 3.5" Hand Mirror

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  • I Love Lucy colorized logo handcrafted 3.5" round hand mirror

  • I make my custom hand mirrors with the same quality Made In The U.S.A. metal shell with UV protected Mylar cover - protecting the art in a Superhero way

  • If you're a fan of this legendary series ( who isn't ?? ) - image the reaction you'll get gifting another Lucy fan a beautiful compact mirror for their vanity or kit

  • Purchase several for party favors or special event 

  • I Love Lucy logo also available in a 2.25" & 3.5" magnet and full 6PC collection here in area51gallery 

Customer Reviews

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Everyone Loves Lucy

I bought this mirror for my makeup kit when I go to clients homes. The first time I handed my Lucy mirror to her she wanted to keep it. I let her know where I got it and made sure I left with it, lol. Free small Lucy magnet came with it . Bonus!