The Krewe de La Rue Royale Revelers Of New Orleans 2022 Designed By Rocket Hulsey

The Krewe de La Rue Royale Revelers Of New Orleans 2022

 "I’ve always loved Carnival. As a child, I thought Mardi Gras was the most magical day of the year. I still do."  - Frank Perez 

Each year since 2013, Carnival season kicks off with a fabulous 12th Night Party held annually on January 6 @ The Mardi Gras Museum of Costumes and Culture. Hosted by Lord of Misrule Frank Perez himself.

After a Royal Procession of previous Grand Revelers, the new Grand Reveler is presented.  The coronation of the Grand Reveler is followed by the Meeting of the Courts of the Rue Royale Revelers and the Krewe of Queenateenas.

2015 Grand Reveler I – Jeffrey Palmquist

2016 Grand Reveler II – Will Antill, the Financial District Reveler

2017 Grand Reveler III – Rip Naquin, the Award-Winning Reveler

2018 Grand Reveler IV – Felicia Philips, the Cheese Reveler

2019 Grand Reveler V – Frank Perez (not the Lord of Misrule), the Faux Reveler

2020 Grand Reveler VI – Duaine Daniels, the Peg-Legged Reveler - Two year reign due to the pandemic.

2022 Grand Reveler VII – Misti Gaither, Godfather of the Lesbian Mafia Reveler

I was granted the honor to design & handcraft The Krewe De La Rue Royale Revelers 2022 12th Night Party Button Pin. Which acts as the guests ticket to the annual event itself. And I, Rocket Hulsey will be designing the annual events pin ticket going forth, Thank You, Frank!

UPDATED 1.18.22 The following is my experience at my first 12th Night Party held on January 6th. 2022. The venue itself is a fantastic backdrop for the annual event. On display there is an array of historical costumes dating back to 1962. Frank Perez assembled a lovely event with buffet style food, an open bar and yes go-go boys. I myself arrived and being from the South myself have no problems mingling and meeting new friends one being Santa T. Clause, a local New Orleans personality and now a personal friend of mine as well. Truly no-one would feel uncomfortable at this event with the mélange of eclectic personalities that is the main ingredient to New Orleans' allure and mystic. 

The Royal Procession of previous Grand Revelers procession began at approximately 7:30PM, with anticipation of who will be the newly appointed Grand Reveler. And to everyone's delight it was revealed to be none other than Misti Gaither, Host of Lez Talk About It the successful LGBTQ+ podcast. Misti is a personal dear friend & local New Orleans paranormal investigator and contributes in so many ways in the Non Profit sector of New Orleans along with her lovely wife, Catherine. Holding back tears myself we honored her with a party like no other I've been to in years.  

Frank Perez And Misti Gaither Grand Reveler VII 2022 Photo By Dawn Carl

My takeaway for the evening is just this: I experienced first hand of why New Orleans has the reputation it does. The locals are welcoming, genuine and kind. From the early morning busboys in the doorways of Bourbon Street saying hello. To the baristas at Café Du Monde.

New Orleans is where I call home myself when AREA51GALLERY my classic pop culture laboratory permanently relocates to New Orleans, fall 2022.

I encourage you if you are in New Orleans on January 6th any year to attend Frank Perez's annual 12th Night Party. It's A Must!!

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So glad we got to meet and hang out together. Can’t wait until you move here permanently. Get on that nostalgic clock and fly fast back to New Orleans – she will be waiting for you!
Hugs !!!!

Donna Schulingkamp

Rocket, we are so looking forward to meeting you and partying with you at this event!

Misti Gaither

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