The Bourbon Pub Rocket's Top 5 New Orleans Gay Bars

Rocket's Top 5 Gay Bars In New Orleans LA

My personal history in the New Orleans gay scene goes back to 1990. Madonna's Vogue video was "giving us good life" on the drop down screen in Bourbon Pub Parade. I think the drama of the screen coming down was part of the fantasy. Shuttling back and forth to Café Lafitte's to perch up on the ledge to cut up and carry on with friends and the endless influx of men and their crew visiting the city. Here I have compiled my favorite and some top rated gay bars in New Orleans. 


As noted above I have history and fondness for "Lafitte's" as I call the bar. Lafitte's is also one of the oldest gay bars in the United States with history dating back to prohibition. When you stop by make sure Jeffrey makes your drink. He himself has been there for 20+ years and will surely make you feel at home. One side note Jeffery also co-hosts a local New Orleans LGBTQ live Facebook podcast named Lez Talk About It with host Misti Gaither. I highly recommend tuning in every Wednesday on Facebook. THE CAFE LAFITTE IN EXILE

2. THE PAGE NOLA   542 N Rampart St

The friendly atmosphere in The Page NOLA will keep you entertained. The owners Willie & Bobbie make it a place for everyone. Great location and easy to stop by during your bar crawl. Ask for their specialty drink The Pink P___Y, it's legendary yawl. The Page NOLA reminds us there are always surprises in the Vieux Carre. 

3. BOURBON PUB PARADE    801 Bourbon St

I spent most of my partying time at The Bourbon Pub. Straight shot down Bourbon street to one of the frozen daiquiri shops to get the Blue Hawaiian. And return back sporting a blue tongue and mouth. My memories of the Sunday tea dances are epic and The Bourbon Pub never disappointed for a good time. Looking forward to more great times when AREA51GALLERY permanently relocates to New Orleans permanently in 2022.  BOURBON PUB PARADE

4. OZ NEW ORLEANS   800 Bourbon St

Worth checking out simply for The Ladies Of Oz drag shows. But OZ is the place to get your dance on with their killer music, it'll be daylight before you know it. Located within walking distance to other gay bars gather up your new friends and break and then crawl back for more.  OZ NEW ORLEANS

5. THE GOLDEN LANTERN   1239 Royal St

Opened in 1964, The Golden Lantern Bar is the official original home of Southern Decadence. The Golden Lantern hosts weekly drag performances and is a must for any visitor. I tripped down to the club especially to see the shows. New Orleans as some of the most talented and dedicated Queens I've experienced. Make The Golden Lantern a must on your visit to world famous New Orleans and The French Quarter.  THE GOLDEN LANTERN 

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Thank you Rocket for mentioning Lez Talk About It Talk Show and for your promotion and spotlight on some of the greatest bars in New Orleans.

Misti Gaither

I love parting in the big easy! Me and my husband visit there at least once a year. Totally coming back soon for pride.


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