Rocket's Top 10 Classic TV Themes Songs

Rocket's Top 10 Classic TV Themes Songs

  1. The Addams Family 1964

  2. I Dream Of Jeannie 1965

  3. Good Times 1974

  4. Maude 1972

  5. The Twilight Zone 1959

  6. Alice 1976

  7. Gimme A Break 1981

  8. The Andy Griffith Show 1960

  9. Who's The Boss 1984

  10. The Nanny 1993 


    Love all of your choices! Also, Golden Girls, Welcome Back Kotter.. and jeffrey and my favorite, WKRP in Cincinnati !!

    Misti Gaither

    I love television theme songs! My favorite is Green Acres. New York is where I’d want to be as well lol.


    More Rocket Ranks please!!! Would love to hear your top 10 contemporary artists


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