Rocket's MTV Top 10 Videos From 1983-1990

  1. Madonna's Express Yourself 1989

  2. Whitney Houston You Give Good Love 1985

  3. WHAM! I'm Your Man 1989

  4. George Michael Freedom! 90 1990

  5. Janet Jackson When I Think Of You 1986

  6. The Eurythmics Love Is A Stranger 1983

  7. The Fixx Saved By Zero 1983

  8. Erasure Sometimes 1986

  9. Tears For Fears Everybody Wants To Rule The World 1985

  10. Yazoo Situation 1982


  • Dane S.

    Cool list!

  • Truman

    MTV was my childhood staple. Motley Crue being my favorite band I really loved seeing when their videos came on. Sad we don’t have that anymore. Cool to see this though.

  • Taylor

    Eurythmics is one of my favorite bands, their bassline and groove will NEVER go out of style. They are timeless

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