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NOLADEEJ New Orleans Movie and TV Tours

NOLADEEJ goes to different places in and around New Orleans and sometimes to other cities & states. Abandoned Places, Roadside Attractions, Historical Spots, Cemeteries, Festivals & Events - he checks it out and graciously shares what he finds on Youtube and his Facebook & Instagram page. He's a connoisseur of beignets as well. Dropping a video tasting his favorite around the New Orleans area. I'm always delighted when he drops a new video on YouTube. And I consider him top notch at sharing his discoveries. 

AREA51GALLERY was created with keeping our rich history in classic pop culture alive. And one of those ways is through the movies we grew up with and watch over and over. New Orleans Movie & TV Tours provides their guests with a fun, educational and entertaining experience by bringing movies to life.

NOLADEEJ takes us on a point of view tour of just some of the more than 200 filming locations in and around New Orleans. I encourage you to book your tour with New Orleans Movie & TV Tours. Until then enjoy NOLADEEJ and his tour in addition to his YouTube catalog of videos.

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This post really opened my eyes to the cool filming industry in New Orleans. I’ll check out more of his content for sure.


This is great! Also the New Orleans Movies and TV Tour is so cool! Jonny who runs it is a fantastic host and you will have so much fun on his tour. – NOLADEEJ

Thank you

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