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Café Du Monde The New Orleans Religion

If living or visiting New Orleans is the ethereal experience we believe it is. Café Du Monde is sanctuary and their coffee is our communion. The original coffee stand opened in 1862 in the French Market in New Orleans, Louisiana. Café Du Monde includes only dark-roasted coffee with chicory (served black or au lait), beignets, white and chocolate milk, hot chocolate, and fresh-squeezed orange juice. I lived originally in the city in the mid 90's (relocating back in spring 2022, to open my area51gallery) and there is simply no other place to immerse oneself for people watching than their covered patio. Café Du Monde's coffee, the horse drawn carriages hooves on cobblestones going by and the fragrance of fresh beignets with powdered sugar is the VooDoo they do to you. There's a comfort for family owned business with their history, I encourage you to visit and be part of the congregation. 

Cafe Du Monde A New Orleans Religion Planet Pop Culture Blog Post


They have the best beignets!!

Randy K.

I remember some good times hung over there.


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