The Krewe De La Rue Royale Revelers Of New Orleans

"I’ve always loved Carnival. As a child, I thought Mardi Gras was the most magical day of the year. I still do."  - Frank Perez 

Each year since 2013, Carnival Season kicks off with a fabulous 12th Night Party held annually on January 6 @ The Mardi Gras Museum of Costumes and Culture. Hosted by Lord of Misrule Frank Perez himself.

After a Royal Procession of previous Grand Revelers, the new Grand Reveler is presented.  The coronation of the Grand Reveler is followed by the Meeting of the Courts of the Rue Royale Revelers and the Krewe of Queenateenas

2015 Grand Reveler I–Jeffrey Palmquist

2016 Grand Reveler II–Will Antill, the Financial District Reveler

2017 Grand Reveler III–Rip Naquin, the Award-Winning Reveler

2018 Grand Reveler IV–Felicia Philips, the Cheese Reveler

2019 Grand Reveler V–Frank Perez (not the Lord of Misrule), the Faux Reveler

2020 Grand Reveler VI—Duaine Daniels, the Peg-Legged Reveler

I was granted the immense honor to design & handcraft The Krewe De La Rue Royale Revelers 2022 12th Night Party Button Pin.  Which acts as the guests ticket to the annual event itself. 

I myself will have the pleasure of attending my first 12th night party, of many to come. When AREA51GALLERY officially relocates to The French Quarter, Winter 2022.

I will updating this blog post after the January 6th, 2022 event  - with highlights of the event - Rocket Hulsey curator/creative for area51gallery





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  • Misti Gaither

    Rocket, we are so looking forward to meeting you and partying with you at this event!

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